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Changes phenomenon in the learning organization

Changes phenomenon in the learning organization

The phenomenon of organizational change in order to enable an organization to respond to changing internal and external environment, which is always a major challenge, that impact to individuals, groups and organizations is noticeable for researchers. Change is inevitable and in order to create constructive and effective changes in organizations should be to design and manage. Organizational learning capability is the only competitive advantage and the only way to remain in today’s turbulent and changing environment. Creative and innovative organizations are the organizations that constantly
learning and learning is the most important opportunity to create change and keep pace with the changing environment.

In this regard, checking the relationship between the dimensions of learning organization and the phenomenon of change and manage it, to improve continuous learning is essential.

Hence, in this paper, it has been tried that characteristics of a learning organization and how to bring about change in these organizations and overcoming it’s obstacles to be discussed and finally some models of organizational change that based on open systems theory will be offered.

Keywords: Organizational change, Learning organization, Change Management, Levels of learning organization, Models of organizational change.

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