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The effect of creativity and innovation on entrepreneurship

The effect of creativity and innovation on entrepreneurship

Changes in community conditions and needs have caused a change in today’s organizations mission so that it shifts to entrepreneurship. To survive, companies need to identify new opportunities continuously, beyond their available capacities.

Increasing pressure on the government, reducing the government budget in recent years, changes in the expectations of customers, competition, changing market needs, responsiveness and accountability to the people, the revolution in quality and productivity, changes in knowledge and the need for knowledge management and commercialization knowledge, the need for change within organizations, the need to use technology and other issues which changed the mission, role and functions of the organizations, has clarified the necessity of entrepreneurship as a condition for the survival and development and also one of the vital strategic tools for dealing with these changes and pressures obviously. In this paper, in addition to express the importance of entrepreneurship and check the opportunities and determinants of entrepreneurship, factors which affect on development and success of entrepreneurial organizations, the impact of innovation and creativity on entrepreneurship are also described.

Keywords: entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity

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