Amir Zakaria Consulting Group | The effect of advertising to attract customers
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The effect of advertising to attract customers

The effect of advertising to attract customers

With the increasing development of science and technology and considering the development of the communication world, all organizations and banks try to present more services to their customers in a better way, as they can survive their lives among their rivals in today’s competitive world only by retaining their old customers and absorbing new ones. Advertisements and marketing activities are regarded as ways of absorbing customers in service industries. Since the service products are not tangible and observable like goods, one can hope for effectiveness of advertisements and consequently attracting and absorbing more customers by making services tangible, determining the advertising goals
and finally following advertising strategies which conform to the goals. This article has studied services, advertisements, advertisement effectiveness, advertising strategy and bank advertisements for customer absorption.

Keywords: Services, Advertisements, Advertisement Strategy, Customer
Relationship Management, Bank Advertisements

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