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Resilience management

Resilience management

Resilience management is more representative, referring to a framework of activities before and after a disruptive event occurs, including planning, resilience quantification and assessment, engineering and operational improvement, and managerial and organizational optimization.

A bibliometric overview on resilience assessment and the following management approaches will be useful to remove the barriers between different domains and understand the knowledge status and evolution, especially in the field of process safety and environmental protection (Chen et al, 2023).

  • Chao, Chen; Jie, Li; Yixin, Zhao; Floris, Goerlandt; Genserik, Reniers; Liu, Yiliu; (2023). “Resilience assessment and management: A review on contributions on process safety and environmental protection”. Process Safety and Environmental Protection, Volume 170, February 2023, Pages 1039-1051.



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