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Agile project management

Agile project management

Agile project management is also studied in terms of sustainability in several other industrial and service sectors, but not in the automotive industry. Silva et al. develop frameworks creating the corresponding linkages between the tools and artifacts of the APM, and the three pillars of sustainability. They conclude that implementing APM practices leads to increased sustainability of the companies in the economic, environmental, and social aspects. Obradović et al. also study the relationship between APM practices and sustainability, concluding that the first has direct repercussions on the second. Žužek et al. taking into account the SMEs Slovenian panorama, also study the implications of APM practices on sustainability, but outside of the software sector. They conclude that, even in small companies and out of the software area of work, the effect is clearly felt. Thus, it is assumed that implementation of APM practices also induces clear gains in the sustainability of companies. In the work by Sharma et al. who study the effect of agility in the industry, several definitions of agility linked to production systems are found, as well as some barriers to the implementation of these agile systems in manufacturing.


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