Amir Zakaria Consulting Group | Team
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who we are and what we do

Amir Zakaria Conslting Group

In this highly competitive market, knowing the latest practical and scientific achievements in Organizational efficiency is the key to survive in the competition market. Actually, There is no chance for trial and error. Certainly, in order to reach organisation`s long-term purposes and objectives, you need expert management consultants.

We are hybrid creative consultants, rooted in consumer behavior, driven by goals, optimized by analysis, inspired by environment, and tested by performance. We believe that organisations are alive so needed character, developed by innovation, positioned by brand. We believe that every organisation faces unique challenges, and that design solutions should address those challenges, turning them into opportunities. We`ll help you take the first step or conquer the latest hurdle. SOLUTIONS for AMBITIONS.

Amir Zakaria

Management Consultant. MBA

Nazli Monajemzadeh

Planning and System Analysis Consultant. Industrial Engineering

If inspired by new challenges, then:

We are the organization that expands your market, reduces your cost, analyses your systems and processes and manages all marketing and branding services outsourced.