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Kahrizak Charity Foundation

About This Project

Kahrizak Charity Foundation was established by Dr. Mohammad Reza Hakimzadeh, CEO of the Firoozabadi Hospital (Shahr-e Rey City), in two small rooms in the village of Kahrizak in late 1975. Today, Kahrizak Charity with an area of about 420,000 square meters of land for the disabled and the elderly with various uses such as: workshops, physiotherapy, building of MD patients, library, gym, garden, clinic and so on serves dear clients.

The objectives of Kahrizak Charity Foundation

  • Maintenance of treatment and rehabilitation of the disabled, the elderly and patients with MS and efforts to prevent the development of lesions and relieve their pain.
  • Establishing and equipping clinics, clinics and hospitals to provide patients with medical and therapeutic services.
  • Helping the needy and affected by floods and earthquakes, fires, wars and unexpected accidents as much as possible.
  • Planning and forming charitable groups to serve clients and attract cash and non-cash grants.
  • Collection of scientific information, research from other similar charity centers inside and outside the country for the promotion of scientific and service level
  • Formation of classes and in-service training of staff at different levels in order to improve their academic level and serve the clients.
  • Create a safe environment for the disabled and the elderly
  • Introduction of the Institute at the national and international levels for the acquisition of material and spiritual assistance
  • Improving the health of the disabled physically, mentally

Centers covered by the Kahrizak Charity Foundation

  • Kahrizak Charity (Central Headquarters)
  • Kahrizak Charity Hospital
  • Kahrizak Charity Hospital (Alborz Province)
  • Nikokar Women’s Group (Tehran Province)
  • Women’s Association of Kahrizak (Alborz Province)
  • Specialized Clinic and Jawad Alameh Surgery Center

Human health and social work activities

Scope of Activity



Tehran, Iran


Hasan Ahmadi

Type of Cooperation

Full Time Staff (Admission Manager) & Voluntary Contributions

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