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Asan Tajhiz Iranian

About This Project

Asan Tajhiz Iranian as one of the leading companies in providing the latest medical equipment achievements, along with international companies in the field of health and infection control (HyServe-Kikkoman), cardiology company (BostonScientific), an orthopedic (BMK) And an oncology (Care Fusion). Utilizing of advanced and state-of-art technologies, famous directors and experts in the medical industry, direct communication with leading international companies, and scientific support make Asan Tajhiz Iranian as a unique company. Asan Tajhiz is committed to providing products and services to its customers with innovative technology, easy to use, as well as scientific advice and support.


Whole sales and retail trade

Scope of Activity



Tehran, Iran


Dr. Hamed Nazarpour

Type of Cooperation

Management Consultancy

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